Biodegradable polyester for apparel solutions

Imagine a world without waste- Biological Cycle

Yuantex expands biodegradable technologies with the introduction of Yuantex bio Performance Fabric, the 100% recycled, biodegradable synthetic fabric. The basis of the innovation is an improved fibre technology, which allows a highly accelerated biodegradation under certain environmental conditions. With this advancement, a fabric garment will be completely returned to nature.

Recycled biodegradable Textile

Yuantex biodegradable collection launched with a series of blue sign® and GRS approved fabrics designed for lifestyle, fashion, and outdoor categories. By adding the organic additives, which enhanced the fibers to be more attractive to the naturally-occurring microbes; Yuantex biodegradable fabrics will break down via the anaerobic process, no matter in ocean and landfill, and return the fabric to the natural elements.

Comparing with normal synthetic fabrics, the biodegradable fabrics will only take 3-5 year to break down, but the normal one will take 450 years to break down. As a result, this biodegradation helps to solve the growing problem of micro plastics littering the ocean, a significant issue for the textile and other industries.

The core benefits of bio-degradable textiles

  • -Apply organic additive in the recycled polyester
  • -Only take 3-5 years for biodegradation, keep the earth clean
  • -Biodegradation in both landfill & ocean
  • -Maintain good performance in the normal circumstances
  • GRS & Blue Sign® certification

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